Starting Over

One of my 4 goals from 3 days ago, is to start a blog, on single parenting.  I created this Blog site about a year ago and never did anything with it.  Now that I am a re-born explorer, or one of the New Rich (NR), as Timothy Ferris calls it in The 4 hour Work Week, I am rich in time, new found hope, and allowed excitement…surely there is a word for that, but I cannot think of it.

One of my greatest joys, and greatest challenges, these last 7 years, has been parenting without, for all practical purposes, a second adult.  Writing is another joy, which I have not taken the time to do, though I’ve desired it, and realized how important it is for my mental, physical, and emotional health.  It is amazing how strongly I can deny the time for something that is so vital to my Life.

Anyway, the short term goal is to learn how to blog.  Hence, a first post, and a deleting of the old first post, and according to the instructions, I should have a first page after I post this.

Yours in the spirit of new beginnings,