SD is a 50-something single mom with a passion for the rights of children and “beast” parenting (teen lingo – it means “darn good”).  She loves writing, but has not taken time to put it at the base of the life pyramid (think food pyramid).  This blog is an experiment to change that, as well as an attempt to address two of her recently set goals: to be a happy mother, and to learn to blog.

SD resided in Texas, from which she dotted 23 years of her life, living in 6 of its cities.  Recently she relocated to Oregon, in collaboration with her son.  She hopes you enjoy this blog and learn something new, and secretly wishes to start a single parent support resource for parents who strive to be present in the moment with their kids yet still maintain sanity and wholeness!  She welcomes your comments.

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed “Cool Surf”. In a couple of weeks I have a book of poetry coming out: “On the Rim of Wonder”. Blogging serves at least one useful purpose–it forces you to write regularly. Keep going. Juliana


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